Channeling Vibration Of Divine Sound

Dorota Rozmus

Dorota is a transformational intuitive healer, who connects using quantum awareness and her singing voice as energy. Her Voice Toning energy vibration helps you to heal and transform back into harmony. Dorota's beautiful voice will take you deep into peacefulness.

Work with Dorota to transform and activate your higher consciousness. Your I AM vibration of self love.

- Healing through vibration of voice toning and sound.

- Activation with light love energy channeling.

- Clearing through vibrational alchemy.

- Connecting you to the Love Vibration, that you are.

MP3 Support

 Voice activations and healing recordings for your transformation in the comfort of your own home. Downloadable MP3 files to listen to, whenever you need.

Sunday - weekly class online

Live Sessions Comprehensive development of your true self, on a number of subjects. Learn and grow  at your own place - transform shift and heal with Love.

Live Sessions

Connect directly and interact with Dorota through live online sessions. Both private sessions and group-led activities are available.


Get away from every-day life, and come to relax and nurture your soul in one of the most beutiful locations in the world - Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain.

"With Dorota and her love, as well as the love she connects with , you are reminded of the sacred higher parts and versions of yourself, of your origins. You rejoice from may have these irreplaceable moments that she allows for with her wonderful gift. There's no need for fear just love. That's how I feel when I leave. Thank you with all my heart." /Karima

Healing News

Online workshop Helping you to End 2016 struggle

Online workshop 27 Nov. 4th of Dec. or 18th of Dec. We will be transforming and ending all old vibrations that you have been working on this year. It is time to energetically end the struggle and open to new possibilities . More info and free activation here:…ing-transforming/ In the comfort of yo [...]

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What are your Ascension Symptoms ?

Ascension Symptoms ? What is it? When everything is changing around the globe, inside and out, the same is happening inside and outside of our body , mind and all that we are. It really is intense almost all the time. Do you have a body pain ? or headaches? fear?, depression ? Do you have family problems, financial problems ? Maybe everything is just not making any se [...]

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Shifting and Transforming Energy Vibration classes online

I am passionate about Love. I am in Love with Loving Divine Field of Energy that is truly here for each one of us. I just love this feeling of vibration within me and around me when I share the energy and do my transformational work with my clients. It is so so amazing. I know that all loving Universe is shining light through me and with me to let you know you are supported [...]

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Is Universe sending you what you are asking for?

Isn't that frustrating when you ask and connect and pray for better life, health,loving relationship and it feels like Universe is just not answering at all ? What do you do when you feel that way? . Are you crying ? Are you feeling frustrated or angry ? Are you feeling like you just want to give up on this healing "staff"? I know I have been feeling all that. More I h [...]

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