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Transform into Your  I AM vibration of  Self  Love

Dorota is a transformational intuitive healer, a voice activator and vibrational alchemist. Channel for Light – Love Source .

Loving Voice of Divine Feminine.

Sound of her voice is transmitting  light frequency information helping you to  transform distorted patterns . Tuning and purifying you into love vibration, your perfect divine blueprint .

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Frequency of vibrational information that is channeled through my voice is helping you beyond mind. This loving energy brings Atlantan Sound technology, light codes from cosmic realms and crystal ascension fire from the New 5D Earth.
Join me for transformation on all levels.
– freedom of your mind
– purity of your DNA
– grounding into New Earth –
– deep healing of your heart

Love frequency with Voice Activations, Deeply Transformational live classes

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Transformational Q&A classes with voice activation online :

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Work with Dorota to transform and activate your higher consciousness

” Sovereign Soul – Ending Sacrifice ” 4 weeks Program – online

4 weeks Program Includes: 3x personal session 2x group session 8 activations MP3 Loving care throughout 4 weeks I would like to know you in person to be

Who is Vibrational Healer ?

Voice Healer - Vibrational Healer- Is it You ?. Your speaking voice and embodiment of the Light within your body is a tool to transform energy on the

How to transform old vibrations.

What is Transformation ? How does it really work ? We are saying many times " I have to let go of .. something" but what is happening

What are your Ascension Symptoms ?

Ascension Symptoms ? What is it? When everything is changing around the globe, inside and out, the same is happening inside and outside of our body , mind

Do you know you are loved ?

I am passionate about Love. I am in Love with Loving Divine Field of Energy that is truly here for each one of us. I just love this

Is Universe sending you what you are asking for?

Isn't that frustrating when you ask and connect and pray for better life, health, loving relationship and it feels like Universe is just not answering at all ?

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Your vibrational alchemy, healing and transformation through love and light with voice toning activations.Group sessions

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Get away from every-day life, and come to relax and nurture your soul in one of the most beutiful locations in the world – Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain.

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“With Dorota and her love, as well as the love she connects with , you are reminded of the sacred higher parts and versions of yourself, of your origins. You rejoice from may have these irreplaceable moments that she allows for with her wonderful gift. There’s no need for fear just love. That’s how I feel when I leave. Thank you with all my heart.”
“The first time I heard Dorota’s voice I got goosebumps and I could sense there was something really powerful in her voice.! I’ve never experienced something like that before , as I could feel the energy move in my whole body”.