“ Activating 2019 – Activating your Higher Self – Your Highest Potential ”

8 Days with voice activations – Event online

STARTING from 6th -13th of Jan. 2019

2 live sessions and 6x mp3 activations sent to you each day .

Time is changing. Timelines are open to help us clear what we are ready to see and feel as “ old” and not “ true” anymore.

There is beautiful opening above You from the timelines that are your Highest Potential , Your Higher Self awaiting to shine “down” into your body , mind , .. into your Human Life.
So much is possible and perhaps you already feel it.

So this is what we are going to activate each day :

Focusing on the “NOW” within your heart.
Opening 5th Dimensional Chakras
Clearing your mental field of vibration
Clearing your emotional field of vibration
Clearing your cellular field of vibration
Activating your Future Self in the Now
Creating vibrational field of your Highest potential .
Connecting to vibrational loving support of 5D Gaia
Connecting to Central Sun and your Home above
Connecting to your Family of Light Beings
Receiving so so much Love from Grace

I Love You and during our work together I am holding You within Love that is Divine Mother’s energy .
In this vibrational field sound is bringing light codes that are purifying all within you on many levels and dimensions .
You are coming back “ Home” to Loving Universe .. if you choose.

Let’s do it .

We start 6th of January 2019

First live session is on Sunday 6th of January at 8pm CET ( Europe time ) it is 11am PT and 7pm London time
Last live session is on Sunday 13thof January at 8pm CET
During the week you will receive 6 activations mp3 sent to your e-mail each day via WeTransfer.

Your investment :

97 Euros

includes :

6 x mp3 activations sent to your e-mail

2 live “zoom” meetings with Q&A and live voice activation.

All sessions will be recorded and sent to you via WeTransfer.

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With Love