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Divine  Alchemy of Love with Voice Activations by

 Dorota Rozmus  

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Dorota's NEW music and 3 new activations  

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I am Dorota Rozmus .

Allow me to hold you in Love and Light so you will remember  Source Energy  in You .

I am a Channel for Light - Love and Divine Sound Frequency via my singing and speacking voice .

Divine Beings of Light , Your Higher Self , Divine Mother and Flames of Creation are here in all activations . 

During our work together I activate vibration and hold you in “SPACE”  of Divine Love . It heals, melts destorted patterns, brings new frequency into your field of energy. 

“ Spaces”  are special frequency portals  to help you connect with different needs for your transformation.  Each Space is helping you to activate- create intension - your choice - your new frequency.   

You are within Alchemy of Love 


Alchemy of Love   

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   Dorota Rozmus