Welcome to Space...s 

You are here to transform with support of Loving Universe.

Merging with your Higher Self .

Bringing Light into your body.

Creating your Life as Divine Human with Gaia.

 How it works :

- Choose your Space according to your intuition to BE there for your transformation time.   

- Each Space is Live helping you to heal and transform what you need at this moment of your ascension work so.. Feel.. what you would like to start with.

 - After purchising You will recieve link to your package .You can download your mp3s or listen with provided link .

- You can join as many Spaces as you like. They are portals , orbs,  energetic doors to higher vibration. 

- There are videos and mp3 activations  for you. Start your work with recordings and listen to them as many times as you feel you need.

- Every few days you will recive new recordings or video to listen to or you will be invited to the live online session with Dorota.

- By connecting to Dorota's sound You are in Space of energy vibration supported by the Light Team that will keep " giving " to you .

- Every time you will listen to activations or just think and feel connection you will be supported.

- You are tuning with Dorota's sound . It is vibrational frequency that keeps "standing by you " and loving you and helping you to BE in this frequency.


Choose your Space   


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Would you  like to work as a team with me and  Light Divine Beings supporting you and all humanity ?  

Your work with yourself and deep comitment is so so needed now.

Join me :

- Weekly classes  and all group sessions

- accesss to ALL Spaces  

Monthly payments of 144  $



Enter and start working with package of Activations 

Divine Feminine


Self Love


Crystal purity

Gaia’s Love



Enter and start working with Package of activations for :

  Body Pain Healing

DNA clearing

Shifting and collapsing old karmic timelines

Activating your Divine Human

Body rejuvenation

  Dorota’s Healing Music



Transformational Space

Start here and work with many activations .

Recieve more every few days




Transformational …



Blue Water Space 

Many activations to start with .

You will recive More in this Space : 

Divine Clarity Space

Supported by water element and Blue Flame

Clearing body stress and pain mind and ether 

Archangels activations

Dorota’s healing “ Blue” music

Light Space


Start here and work woth many activations 

Recieve more every few days

Clarity - enlightenment   

Shadow Clearing

New 5D DNA activations

Ether - body transformation

Higher Self merging

Light Beings - ONENESS - co- creation



Gaia Space

Start here and work with package of many activations 

Racive more every few days

This is Advanced work Space - activate :

Divine Human alchemy

Crystal Grid - activation

Body clearing - activation

5D - activation


Loving Space 

2020 Team Space

Healing Space