Dorota Rozmus

Channeling Vibration of Divine Sound

Dorota is a transformational intuitive Healer who connects with quantum awareness and her singing voice as energy . Dorota works with Light and Love frequency,channeling energy vibration, helping you to clear and transform your emotions , your distorted mind information , density of your past, family and DNA and body .

It is vibrational work on many levels of your Being helping you to embodying light into your 3D life.

Vocalist , Composer , Musician , Energy Coach and Sound Healer.

Dorota was born in Poland and lived in Australia . From the age of 7 she studied classical music and piano She graduated from the Academy of Music in Poland with Master of Art in Vocal Jazz Performance.

Dorota won festivals in Poland including runner up in debut ” National Song Festival in Opole ” in 1978 and in Australia’s TV9 “New Faces” she made up to the final and won People’s Choice award in the 1985.

During this time of her life touring around Australia , singing and playing piano in big and small venous she started to connect deeper with people – her audience. Her listeners where telling her how peaceful and touched they feel when she sings. That opened in Dorota desire of her heart to learn more about music therapy and possibilities to heal through sound.

Her spiritual awaking happened in Australia when she attended workshop and during channeled session she could feel vibration of sound and colour giving her information of Knowledge that her mind could not “translate” but her knowingness was being open from that moment.

After that experience she felt that she is needed in Poland to bring healing to people in her country.

She went back to Poland in the 90’s where she started to create new music and method of relaxation using the power of her healing voice. She also created venues called “ Relaxation studios” in Poland and she produced TV shows about positive thinking and visualisation technique.

Dorota has dedicated a great part of her life studying spiritual awakening and quantum understanding of healing, singing toning and sound vibration.

She is now bringing new awareness about vibrational frequency beyond what we call sound or singing. Her VoiceDorota Method combines Vibrational Alchemy through your thinking , breathing , speaking with healing and activations of vibration of Love.

After many years of her own transformation , deep healing of her ancestors , mind healing, pain and fear experiences , she is now here for you , helping you to awaken , heal and transform.
Dorota’s mission is to tell you that You are Loved.
The Universe is a loving place . It is vibration of light and love. That’s why understanding we are loved is the most important thing. The change comes through feeling and thinking from the heart and allowing self love as the base to start loving the world; to be happy, joyful and healthy. Dorota’s connection to the universe through the vibration of her speaking and singing voice is holding the frequency of high energy to allow the shift .
Vibrational healing comes through Dorota’s singing and speaking voice. Channeled frequency of Light information will create shift into your pure Being. It is bringing transformation and peaceful harmonisation of your mind, body and soul as One.

Sound Light Language from the Angels will lovingly connect you with your soul’s awareness . Dorota’s voice, through toning offers Light – Love Activations, Healing and Clearing.
Dorota is now enjoying life in the sun on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain where you can take part in the healing retreats and personal sessions with Dorota.

Note from Dorota :

“I want you to know that by doing my work for you and with you I know how you feel , I deeply care and support you knowing that you are amazing Being who is just transforming into your consciousness. Let’s allow deep breath of Love to remind you Who You Really Are.”

What People are Saying About Dorota?

I have had several sessions with Dorota and each time she takes me to a space where I feel the purity and innocence of who I am. My spirit soars as I release the density stored in my body; as my mind trusts the knowing that all is well. Dorota’s voice activation feel like pristine water softly and gently showering me with love and raising my vibration to my highest possibility. If you are looking for your beautiful self, for beauty and contentment in your life, I can highly recommend Dorota. She is IT.
As I listened to your video and your singing began, my sweet kitty cat came running to the phone and purring .She loved the vibrational sounds you were singing! Repeated it 3 times …and she responded the same way each time.
Lorelei Lombard
I worked with Dorota during several  online one to one sessions. At the time was going through some difficult heart breaking events. What a beautiful, gifted, amazing and loving soul Dorota is! These sessions changed my life on many levels. We went deep to the healing process and I cleared away many issues that had been holding me back. Each session was powerful, beautiful and full of love and light. Dorota works gently, lovingly and with such grace and healing power that I feel truly blessed. These sessions transformed me in ways that are hard to describe, made me look at life differently and most importantly opened up a new way of experiencing love and happiness in my life. My healing journey with Dorota was about profound lasting change. I Feel humbled and forever thankful for the experience. Thank you, Thank you, thank you.
Due to Dorota’s approach to my problems I found her to be  both dedicated and professional
All of which has done wonders  in relieving me of  enduring, long term stress problems, not only in my personal life but also in my professional life as a full time operational police officer who has endured post traumatic stress disorder for many years, as I have relived many dreadful things, that I experienced during my career.
Dorota has managed to reduce these problems in just a few sessions and I cannot believe that they do not happen as frequently as they did, thanks to her.
I admire her approach and cannot thank her enough as this post traumatic stress disorder could not be solved by many years of medication.
Thanking her once again I highly recommend her services to anyone who he’s stress problems.
John.R.Redhead, Former Police Officer in UK
The first time I heard Dorota’s voice I got goosebumps and I could sense there was something really powerful in her voice.! I’ve never experienced something like that before, as I could feel the energy move in my whole body.