November 21, 2022 2 min read

  1. ROSE HEALING - WHAT IS vibration of the ROSE 

Vibration of the Rose - Rose symbol - is giving us many different ways of connecting to the Divine Feminine , Energy of Divine Mother.  

Symbol of the rose is the way that Feminine aspect is supporting our ascension transformation . 

Colors of the Roses are bringing vibration of Flames of Creation . Each colour is giving you vibrational information 

Symbol of the rose is working few ways for you. 

One way it is asking you to FEEL BEAUTY 

Secondly it is asking you to take a soft BREATH IN with a sent of the rose. 

Use your imagination.

When you do that your body is relaxing and your mind stops thinking and trying to control. 

Another Way the Rose is asking you to OPEN LIKE THE ROSE . That way you are opening you body , mind and Space to receive LIGHT. 

Please notice that you can start being aware of soft , gentle vibration for this symbol . It helps you to receive love , opens your heart portal - no matter is you are man or the women. 

Our Planet Gaia is connecting with you via Rose symbol as well if you choose to feel that. It will hold you in love , healing and protecting you like a mother .

When I use sound of my voice working with you during sessions I keep this higher vibration of many aspects of the Rose around you. I channel Divine Universe, Divine Feminine and Sisterhood of the Rose because it is here to help you FEEL your beauty and OPEN to receive and remember LOVE that is loving you. 

So allow , breath and receive . 

With Love


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