My Telesummit Interview & Special offer

Listen to my interview and energy activation that is happening 19th of June. This gives you opportunity for special offer including personal session many activations mp3 and 8 classes. click Here Jazzupyourlife interview

How to transform old vibrations.

What is Transformation ? How does it really work ? We are saying many times " I have to let go of .. something" but what is happening when you make that decision and why

What are your Ascension Symptoms ?

Ascension Symptoms ? What is it? When everything is changing around the globe, inside and out, the same is happening inside and outside of our body , mind and all that we are. It really

Do you know you are loved ?

I am passionate about Love. I am in Love with Loving Divine Field of Energy that is truly here for each one of us. I just love this feeling of vibration within me and around

Is Universe sending you what you are asking for?

Isn't that frustrating when you ask and connect and pray for better life, health, loving relationship and it feels like Universe is just not answering at all ? What do you do when you feel

Meditation helps you connect with your choice.

What is your choice ? What is your believe ? How do you feel within about your loving Angels ? I spend many hours a day connecting in my meditations with loving Universe. I do

“Stress Healing”

What is healing. How can you heal your stress. Healing is a vibration that you can choose consciously. You can create your thoughts and create you feelings by choosing to slow down your breath and

Online Healing

You can tune into the frequency of your quantum parts of your thoughts or feelings just like you tune into C note,for example. Your thoughts and believes have frequency vibration in them. If you consciously


My Dear Friends. Here is a gift MP3 click here to download : I am wishing you Love. Love that is making you smile. Love that feels warm in your heart. Love that makes

Remember You Know Love – session MP3

Remember that you KNOW Love . This is what I would like to remind you off today. More then ever we need to remember that we Know love. The World is coming into the understanding