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You can tune into the frequency of your quantum parts of your thoughts or feelings just like you tune into C note,for example. Your thoughts and believes have frequency vibration in them. If you consciously


My Dear Friends. Here is a gift MP3 click here to download : http://www.voicedorota.com/downloads/connecting-to-vibration-of-love-gift/ I am wishing you Love. Love that is making you smile. Love that feels warm in your heart. Love that makes

Remember You Know Love – session MP3

Remember that you KNOW Love . This is what I would like to remind you off today. More then ever we need to remember that we Know love. The World is coming into the understanding

Sundays – connecting to Love?

Loving yourself is to connect deeply into everything that you are. Your sadness, pain, your joy and happiness. Lovingness is your creation and only you can feel what it really means for you. If you

“Conscious relaxation “?

Someone asked me recently what do I understand by "Conscious relaxation "? I am sure that you know how important it is to relax in today's busy world. With consciousness and awareness relaxation is more

Stay in peace to help others and yourself.

When so many people are struggling , feeling fear , losing loved ones , being in pain , our loving and sensitive hearts are opening. I am feeling it too and being empath it is

My healing work news

My Healing Work this week : Free Presentation online : Subject : “ Stress healing “ - Quantum Awareness choose your date : - Tuesday 18th Aug. 8 pm - Thursday 20th Aug. 8 pm.

Tuning into …frequency of your new possibilities.

Mind and the Heart vibration in tune together. You see it is like with the music. You know that you want to tune your guitar string into some specific sound. For example C and you

” Stress Healing “

Your Stress is an information for you where in you body and mind is “stuckness” and where your own vibration is moving slower . Stress is an information coming to you from your own higher

Membership – Commitment to Loving Yourself

What is awareness ? Why do we want to know more about consciousness ? Do You have challenges in your life even so you have worked through many issues ? What is your stress telling