Welcome to Space...s 

You are here to transform with support of Loving Universe.
Merging with your Higher Self .
Bringing Light into your body.
Creating your Life as Divine Human with Gaia.
with colours of Creation 
- Choose your Space according to your intuition to BE there for your transformation time.   
- Each Space is Live helping you to heal and transform what you need at this moment of your ascension work.. so.. Feel.. what you would like to start with.
 - After purchasing You will receive link to your package.  
- There are videos and mp3 activations  for you. Start your work with recordings and listen to them as many times as you feel you need.
- By connecting to Dorota's sound You are in Space of energy vibration supported by the Light Team that will keep " giving " to you .
- Every time you will listen to activations or just think and feel connection you will be supported.
- You are tuning with Dorota's sound . It is vibrational frequency that keeps "standing by you " and loving you and helping you to BE in this highest frequency of LOVE .

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