Welcome to Space...s 

You are here to transform with support of Loving Universe.
Merging with your Higher Self .
Bringing Light into your body.
Creating your Life as Divine Human with Gaia.

 How it works :

- Choose your Space according to your intuition to BE there for your transformation time.   
- Each Space is Live helping you to heal and transform what you need at this moment of your ascension work.. so.. Feel.. what you would like to start with.
 - After purchasing You will receive link to your package.  
- There are videos and mp3 activations  for you. Start your work with recordings and listen to them as many times as you feel you need.
   You will be invited to the ZOOM live online session with Dorota.
- By connecting to Dorota's sound You are in Space of energy vibration supported by the Light Team that will keep " giving " to you .
- Every time you will listen to activations or just think and feel connection you will be supported.
- You are tuning with Dorota's sound . It is vibrational frequency that keeps "standing by you " and loving you and helping you to BE in this highest frequency of LOVE .

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