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After separation It might feel like mission impossible to support yourself financially without any outside assistance like parenting payments from your ex or government support.  

My colleague, Angelica isis Azura found herself in this financial hole after separation facing to provide for herself and two daughters. Her last experience on her resume was a professional stay at home mother for 10 years. After failing to produce any meaningful income and overwhelmed by responsibilities as a single mother she decided to go on a quest to find help. After All there is no gain in sitting and drowning in self pity all by yourself.

So, Angelica connected to her heart and intuition to energetically attract an amazing team of healers, authors, speakers, visionaries, mystics and money experts to help you get clear on how to gain your financial independence after separation. 

Not only this event is free, but it is also short, concise and straight to the point. 

It features 8 finely-tuned best experts in this field and I AM PART OF IT

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