What is Transformation ? How does it really work ?

We are saying many times ” I have to let go of .. something” but what is happening when you make that decision and why many times it is just not working . ?

Everything is made of vibration and vibration is caring information that is vibrating within your mind, body and all energy field. It is information that needs to be changed through your awareness not your mind.

You see , it is a big difference to make a change from awareness not just mind thoughts.

Your awareness is that part of you that is the bridge between your body , your Human Self and your HigherSelf . You are waking up your awareness by receiving knowingness from your HigherSelf  , how to create new thoughts and feelings at the same time. It is from the feeling – your heart, that your happiness can shine again.

Transformation can happen for you when you combine few elements together.:

  • Connect with you body  by breathing consciously into the heart.
  • Breathing will help you to take your thoughts ” down” to your heart.
  • Create Feeling and thought at the same time . for example ” I love myself”
  • When you create the thought ” I love Myself” start to be aware that you can create feeling of it.
  • Feeling , thinking and  breathing in – “I love Myself” starts to transform old information.
  • Love is your new truth.

It is not enough if you just say it to yourself or make a “wish” and wait for Angels to help. You are the creator . Universe is reminding you of that Truth , waiting for  you to create the awareness – vibration that can connect you to your higher , loving You.



‎Love and blessings