Isn’t that frustrating when you ask and connect and pray for better life, health, loving relationship and it feels like Universe is just not answering at all ?
What do you do when you feel that way?
Are you crying ?
Are you feeling frustrated or angry ?
Are you feeling like you just want to give up on this healing “staff” ?

I know I have been feeling all that. More I have been understanding God more of frustration I had to go through.

Why ? ohh the big WHY ?

All because of Love . The truth of Love and truth of Your amazing soul needs to clear the way to come back to harmony again.

I know I know you already know that . You choose love and why Universe is not giving you Love ?

Universe is giving us Love in every moment by showing us what we need to see, feel and experience in order to make new choices and most of all understand that everything is returning to Love . If you allow this understanding you can relax in “No judgement vibration”.
When we get to the “No judgment vibration” , we start to FEEL that everything IS LOVE.
There is plan in everything to return us to vibration of Love that our Spirit Is.
We are changing many many energy structures and DNA memory. It is not easy road but we are all in it. Your awareness can help you to move forward with life, trusting that all is returning you to Love.
It is true . It is what you feel when you deeply connect in meditation.

Universe is talking to me through vibration. This channeling  loving sound is coming through me melting your stress and opening you to receive light and healing.
I know that this loving energy is helping you to transform quicker with more grace and easy.

Every pain and frustration can be vibrationally transformed when you allow. By allowing to feel and heal you are opening the energy alchemy to move through vibrational memory and shift it.

I can help you to do that.


Sending love and blessings