What is your choice ? What is your believe ? How do you feel within about your loving Angels ?

I spend many hours a day connecting in my meditations with loving Universe.

I do that because I choose to come back to Love. I choose to love all of my wounded parts, my past traumas and separation from what I know is a true Universal Love.

I believe choice is a vibration and my choice is connecting me in very personal , intimate way to the Universe of Love and Light that I open myself to talk to.

Love that we are seeking is to be found inside of ourselves. It is everyday remembrance to go into the heart and be so honest within, that this honesty is allowing light and Divine energy to transform old stress, thoughts, pain, relationships,DNA memory etc. into the higher frequency .

Your Choice is taking you vibrationally into World of Love .. if you Choose so …

  • Some  choices  someone else – maybe parents – has chosen for you long time ago.
  • Some choices  are within  your body as old information that you are caring in DNA.
  • Some choices  you made before and you know that it is not your truth anymore.

So maybe you would like to choose again.

Every time you are deeply choosing , you are transforming this old data .

Meditation is helping you to do that . You are transforming with your choice and it does not mean you need to sit in the silence for long time.

You can choose how and what it means for you to Meditate.



Sending you lots of Love