Frequency of vibrational information that is channeled through Dorota’s voice is helping you beyond mind. This loving energy brings Atlantan Sound technology, light codes from cosmic realms and crystal ascension fire from the New 5D Earth.
Join Dorota for transformation on all levels.
– freedom of your mind
– purity of your DNA
– grounding into New Earth –
– deep healing of your heart

Love frequency with Voice Activations, Deeply Transformational live classes


First part of the meeting is Q&A fallowed by Dorota’s channeled voice activation. 

It is an activation that is happening spontaneously during the session. Dorota keeps frequency of Light and Love around you. Healing, shifting, transformation in you body and energy field is happening deeply in the short time. During the activation Dorota is guided to focus intention on different subject to help your mind to relax and transform as well by creating new awareness, helping your Being that way to heal your body pain, emotional problems, relationship trauma , other life times density.

  • You will receive recording of the activation after the session .
  • Take time before and after activation to allow body and mind to focus and harmonise.
  • Work with this recording during the weeks between sessions ,it will support you more each time.
  • Activation – it means that new frequency information has been open ” downloaded” and shifted within you. It can take some time for the body to adjust.
  • Please trust and allow time with  this strong activation to work for you for few days.
    You have awaken parts of you doing the call. Now Repeat and sustain process of this activation by listening to the recording few times.

You are always surrounded by Light Beings and Pure Divine Love that is channeled through.
Energy of Light vibration through Dorota’s voice will work on many levels at the same time.
During our meetings Your Higher Self and Loving Universe are supporting you with energy and sound vibration to clear whatever is stoping you from completely opening to the memory and knowingness that You Are Light, You Are Loved and You are made of Love. We are shifting into 5D frequency progressing into freedom of your pure soul , your true sound – vibration , your unique blue print.
For your human self it means that you are bringing happiness, joy and peaceful wisdom into your life. Everything becomes easier .
Dorota will activate energy field around you to help you connect with your Higher Self and the Light Wisdom that You Are.