You can tune into the frequency of your quantum parts of your thoughts or feelings just like you tune into C note,for example.

Your thoughts and believes have frequency vibration in them. If you consciously change or just willing to change some thoughts you are tuning into new vibration.
How do you know your vibration, that special “Tune” if you want to change something in your life ?
You can go bit by bit and change one thought at the time into more understanding.. Or You can also choose to Know that there is highest vibrational frequency available for you every time you choose to connect to it. This higher wisdom, higher vibration is made of the Light that is caring information into your awareness,into your body, into your emotions etc.

My activations with voice toning are bringing vibrational frequency into you and help you tune into what we are working on at the time of live or recorded session.

I am opening gates for you to absorb this new higher information into your body cells,through chakras and breath. You are the observer, working with your mind and allowing – opening – relaxing into changing and shifting your frequency.

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