Personal Sessions

Personal Session
 1 Hour and 15 min long PERSONAL Session
 Transformational - healing - channeled with Universal Love and Light. 
In this session Dorota is channeling highest frequency of Light and Love also using sound of her singing voice.
Sound, words and light are decoding and coding new system for your body and aura.
You are connecting to the frequency of your Divine Higher Self and Your Support Team from Higher Realms.
Dorota is a channel for Divine Mother bridging to you Colours of Creation , Angelic Love, Masters and all levels of Your multidimensional harmony system.
When choosing this session with Dorota You will also receive PACKAGE of BOUNUS activations to help you work after the session.
This can also be invitation for LIVE group sessions as well.  
 FEE : 250 EURO 
ZOOM video meeting . 
Part of this session is our conversation .
Second part is the channeled voice activation. 
You can receive healing with all that seem to be your problem at this time.
You will receive recording mp3 of  your session. 
With Love 
Personal Session
PACKAGE  2x session. 60-80 min each . ZOOM video meetings
This 2 sessions  allow continuation of your transformation on much deeper level. 
You will be able to practice what you have started to transform with the MP3 recordings of each session. Strong shifts can be achieve in just 2 sessions.
In this package you have BONUS - Sunday Activation group session Live -  free.  Book Your FIRST session here.
You will receive recordings mp3 of your sessions. 
BOOK Your FREE 20min consultation with Dorota HERE 
You can choose to create personal program to work with Dorota .
You can choose personal sessions with packages of recordings , long term transformational work with best price option and so on..
During this 20 min conversation you can make sure of what would be best for your future transformational work. 
All within love 
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