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Space..s are LIVE , Virtual Orbs- energy door for you to enter TRANSFORMATIONAL PACKAGES & LIVE SESSIONS
Your Divine Human Body is The Transformational Space .
Claim Your Space of Ether as Pure and Free Space for Your Soul.
Welcome to VoiceDorota Space..s - Vibrational Alchemy of Love .
Space..s are LIVE , Virtual Orbs- energy door for you to enter .
Each Space is Live
It is energetically supported virtual place .
Dorota and the Light Team are activating Spaces constantly . It is evergreen, ever changing , ever vibrating Space of Loving Alchemy .
Dorota’s Sound brings codes of Light and Love Divine Support is here for you to help you tune into your Higher Vibration , Your Divine Human Self.
You will be reentering each Space any time you like for 1 or 2 or 3 month depending on which Space you will choose .
It is Your Space of alchemy and you can enter every day - any time you like.
You will receive link to the Space and “ inside “ this energetic sphere you can keep working with the activations provided for you there. There are lots of activations to interact with , listen and transform.
During your time in selected Space you will receive new recordings , videos and energetic support.
You will interact with Dorota during live online sessions.
This Spheres of Colors are the portals of Divine Flames of Light . Each Color is bringing energetic information to your body and Space of your energy Field.
Angelic Beings , Ascended Masters, Loving Divine Feminine , Galactic Light Beings .. all Divine Universe is supporting you here.
This project was created by Dorota to support you every day .
Don’t give up, stay within Love. Remember energy of who you truly Are .
2020 - beginning of our deep work for Oneness.
You can join Live group sessions before you stay longer inside Space you choose

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