• Letting-go-of-anger-from-your-body-with-voice-vibration

Body Healing – Letting go of Anger


  • 3 part activation with voice healing.
  • It will help  you to let go of anger with a help of your breath and making sounds. Chakra healing.
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Product Description

  • This 3 part activation will take you through chakras with activation of Dorota’s singing.
  • It is created to help you release anger from your body without needing to go into emotional and personal anger.
  • Sound can help the vibrational energy of love to “move” stored and stubborn memory that you created in the body. Perhaps you did not wanted to be angry towards somebody or the anger is hidden for a long time within your cells. Perhaps you are experiencing pain or stress because you were not able to express anger in the past.
  • It is strong activation that you can do in 3 parts and repeat anytime you need.
  • You welcome to use your sound of breath and other sounds to help yourself.


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