Transformational & HEALING Personal online Session – 60 mins.


• 60 min. Healing and coaching session

This is TRANSFORMATIONAL Healing session . We will talk through your problem and help you to focus your mind on allowing vibrational changes. VOICE ACTIVATIONS WILL CREATE HEALING ALCHEMY. You will be held within Love. YOU WILL RECIVE MP3 RECORDING OF YOUR ACTIVATION
After purchasing You will receive information to connect with Dorota via Zoom link. 

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Product Description

This deeply healing session is recommended for you if you are longing for loving Divine, Pure Light to touch you.
Do you feel you would like to destress ?
let go of everyday problems ?
heal your pain ?
Maybe you are going through depression and difficult time ?
Allow Dorota to be the channel for you to remember you are loved and all is well. Transformational vibration of the highest frequency will heel and comfort you, transform energy into harmony again. You will be held within love.
Please allow more time for this session. You will need  to stay in the field of vibration for some time after the session.
Activation will work within you for few hours or days and during the night.
This session is voice channeled frequency through talking and singing..
Recording is included.


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