• Mind Healing through Music

Personal Monthly Program for Mind Healing

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Personal 4 sessions online with extra 4 activations to help you with your mind , stress, chronic fatigue problems, your business , creativity, sleep disorder and anything that you know is needed for your transformation regarding you mind – YOUR ASCENSION.
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Product Description

Your Mind is a beautiful mechanism to help you create your life. However distorted information that you are caring can make you feel very disharmonies .
There is Light vibration available to correct your information that is also stored in your cells and energy field.
When we work together Your Mind is receiving new information from higher frequency. Your mind can relax and allow information of your heart to be activated within you.
Many, many vibrational changes are needed in our minds to correct our way of receiving higher information.
It is so great to work with the sound in this field because information is coming directly into the physical and energetic bodies and transforming many levels of your Being to bing you knowledge of your Higher Self and Divine Truth.
Looking forward to do this profound and much needed work with you.


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