Personal 3 month Programs for Mind, Stress, Body and DNA (monthly payment of 350 E best value )

500,00 350,00

Choose to work on specific subjects for 3 month to create deep changes.
4 online personal sessions per month
4 extra activations per month
Special offer to bring you more Love, Peace and Harmony when you focus for 4 weeks on something you feel it is time to let go.
350 per month for 3 month program.

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Product Description

Choose what you would like to transform this month and and continue for next 2 months.
Lets focus together to create deep changes for you Body, Mind or Family.
We will activate vibration of Light and Love each time we meet helping you to practice connection to the higher frequency. In our ascension road we are asked to create strong new light within energetic places of distorted information. It takes time and repeated exercises to make changes. I am here to keep Love and Universal Light for you to shift and transform your chosen issue to bring frequency of your Higher Self down into your Body, Your Being, with a help of Gaia and Loving Universe within The Now.
In this offer : 3x 4 weeks- we will meet 4 times per month online. Every session will include talk and voice activation. It will be recorded and sent to your e-mail. During the week you will also receive activation mp3 that will help you practice energetically to transform and shift.
This package has value of 500 per month So you will be saving 450 Euros working long term ! 🙂
When you book here your first session our energetic work will begin. We will be connecting via “zoom” and e-mail.
Looking forward to meet you my soulful friend 🙂

With love


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