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Q&A ZOOM VIDEO classes and voice activations. Your vibrational alchemy, healing and transformation through love and light with voice toning activations by Dorota Rozmus.
All sessions are recorded if you can not make it live, recording will be send to your email.
• 1 session – €35.00
Now This class is happening every Sunday at 8 pm Central Europe Time= 9pm London= 11am PT US time.
NOTE: After purchasing You will receive information to connect with Dorota via ” Zoom ” link

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Product Description

This is  Intensive Transformation class with Love frequency and Light information channeled by VoiceDorota.  You and Your Higher Self is choosing this transformation so there is no plan or subject of the call. When you come to be part of the call and ask or make an intention , magic is happening and transformation begins. 🙂

It is an activation that is happening spontaneously during the session. Dorota keeps frequency of Light and Love around you. Healing, shifting, transformation in you body and energy field is happening deeply in the short time. During the activation Dorota is guided to focus intention on different subject to help your mind to relax by creating new awareness, helping your Being that way to heal your body pain, emotional problems, relationship trauma , other life times density.

  • You will receive recording of the activation after the session .
  • Take time before and after activation to allow body and mind to focus and harmonise.
  • Work with this recording during the weeks between sessions ,it will support you more each time.
  • Activation – it means that new frequency information has been open ” downloaded” and shifted within you. It can take some time for the body to adjust.
  • Please trust and allow time with  this strong 50-60 min activation to work for you for few days.
    You have awaken parts of you during  the call. Now Repeat and sustain process of this activation by listening to the recording few times.
    – To take part in activations every week is helping to sustain higher frequency and moving you forward with your ascension growth .
  • You can join 4 activations for 97 Euros ( save 43 Euros ) Click here to buy 4 sessions :

You are always surrounded by Light Beings and Pure Divine Love that is channeled through.
Energy of Light vibration through Dorota’s voice will work on many levels at the same time.
During our meetings Your Higher Self and Loving Universe are supporting you with energy and sound vibration to clear whatever is stoping you from completely opening to the memory and knowingness that You Are Light, You Are Loved and You are made of Love. We are shifting into 5D frequency progressing into freedom of your pure soul , your true sound – vibration , your unique blue print.
For your human self it means that you are bringing happiness, joy and peaceful wisdom into your life. Everything becomes easier .
Dorota will activate energy field around you to help you connect with your higher Self and alchemy of vibration will be happening within you. Activations are evergreen and will work within you for some time after the call. You will receive recording of this activation and by listening to it few times you will shift more and more each time you listen.
After the call please take time to observe yourself, drink water and practice self love.
Love is Loving You.


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