4 weeks Program Includes:

3x personal session
2x group session
8 activations MP3
Loving care throughout 4 weeks

I would like to know you in person to be able to help deeply . This program is very personal with 1×1 sessions including. Please connect with me if you have any question  about this event.

In this program : ” Sovereign Soul – Ending Sacrifice “

I would love to help you with how to Love Love your Family with New awareness .

Learn how to Heal and Create Higher Frequency to finally help yourself and others end karmic struggle

It is with practice and understanding of the mind that you can relax and at the same time allow higher frequency of my voice to transform your cellular memories and choose to bring back your Light and let go of old density .

It is deep work within body, mind and emotions. 4 weeks will include MP3 sessions that you can listen as many times as possible to transform within . We are Working with Divine Feminine , Divine Love and Grace. Light and Love codes into your old struggle,suffering and chronic pain. Purifying DNA ,emotional and mental body.

4 weeks Program starts April 2018

BUT because of personal sessions included You can start this program any time you like.

Fee : 350 Euro