What is healing. How can you heal your stress.

Healing is a vibration that you can choose consciously.
You can create your thoughts and create you feelings by choosing to slow down your breath and allow , bring in, new loving vibration into yourself.

I have created MP3 sessions for you :
“Stress healing”
You can practice going into your own space of healing. It is vibration that you can make- create for yourself.

Healing is connecting you to your knowingness , your peacefulness.
You can discover harmony that is your special vibration.
Every day you can create vibration that you are choosing to call healing .

It is learning process for the mind.

By relaxing into deep soulful knowledge that you can trust love within yourself you are connecting with your breathing and allowing Love ( the highest Vibration that IS) to help you to melt the resistance of your mind.
Help yourself  by  :
–  Connect breathing with thinking by concentrating on your breath in your heart chakra.
–  Create new thoughts and feelings while you are breathing and listening to your breath.

Healing energy of Dorota’s voice is helping you to be soft and gentle to yourself .

Allow , allow ,allow Love is the key to melt the resistance of the mind.

With Love