” Love is Loving you. It is a frequency you can tune into.”

During today’s call, Dorota cleared the energy fields of the listeners, shift energies and alchemy. Click Here to Listen to the Replay and Get Ready as You will embody energy frequency of Love and shifts, receive clearing, healing within body or any problem you are going through at this moment.

Dorota is bringing new awareness about vibrational frequency beyond what we call sound or singing. Her Voice Dorota Method combines Vibrational Alchemy through awareness of thinking, breathing, vibrational speaking with healing and activations of Galactic Love. Holding You with Divine Mother’s Love, Connecting to 5D Gaia and New Golden Age of Atlantis.

“Vibrational Knowledge of Divine Love – Divine Power within you”special offer is for you if you are a sound lover, Feel that sound frequency is helping on deeply subconscious and cellular levels at the same time, Need Help to clear mind , stress, family problems, Healer/Lightworker who would like to step into higher potential , deeper work, sound healing and for all star seeds already working through ascension timelines.