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Voicedorota-sunday activation


Energy healing and voice activation with Dorota Rozmus.
During this time and perhaps a few hours after the session you will receive a download of the light frequency.
This will help you to "melt" the resistance in your energy field.
Sound alchemy will be making changes and shifts in many levels of your Being.
You do not have to do anything during this session , just relax, breathe and follow my voice to do the work.
You will receive a recording of this activation to your e-mail via WeTransfer.
Our ACTIVATION STARTS SUNDAY 8pm Central Europe Time.

VoiceDorota - event

Connecting to Your Higher Self

New Event online: From "Connecting to Your Higher Self “ series : 7 Days of your Mind Healing “Transforming your thoughts and memories into Wisdom of Your Higher Self. “
We are working within the Light and Love Divine Source . Opening chakras above your head, clearing old “programming” of the mind, transforming DNA and memories of the past. Activating Higher Self within cellular levels, emotional levels, etheric level and Harmonizing you with all of your multidimational Selves .
7 Days with 7 activations channeled via Dorota’s voice and light - love source transforming your energy field with a sound of her singing. This energy frequency is purifying and shifting all levels.
This 7 days will take you into higher knowledge of your Higher self and the universal Light wisdom that is shifting all of you into 5D Body Mind and Soul. During 7 Day event you can join Dorota live online for your first activation. Live sessions are -video- zoom meetings. This first activation is on 27th of January. Then You will receive mp3 everyday to work with recorded evergreen energy activations at home.
Price : 97 Euros
Event start date : 27th January till 2nd of February.
Live activation with Dorota on 27th of January starts at 8pm CET, 11PT , 7pm London