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Voice Dorota
Special 7 Day Event Offer –
 Including Personal Session. 
–  Allow me to help you to deeply relax 
–  Allow the sound to talk to your cells , mind and emotions 
–  Allow loving and happy truth to be awaken for you. 
Your choice is important . 
When you choose to relax you choose to allow Higher Consciousness to bring you peace. 
This 7 days event you can start anytime :
7 voice activations sent to you every day for 7 days. 
+ special offer –  ONE to ONE  online session with Dorota 
147 Euro ( value 247 e = save 100 e ) 
Book the event including personal session here :


Voicedorota-sunday activation


8pm CET = 7PM London = 11 AM PT

35 Euro or 97 / monthly

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1 + hour weekly support – shifting your vibration.

These sessions are for you with Divine Love and Light holding you as you make a decision every week, every day that you allow your Higher Self to Be within, to shift your old suffering and put light into your cells.

I am holding you and vibrating with the Universe to help you shift every week.

Frequency of vibrational information that I channel through my voice is helping you beyond mind but we love your mind and we are working with your awareness to connect with your wisdom.

Voice activations bring  Atlantan Sound technology, light codes from cosmic realms and crystal ascension fire from the New 5D Earth.

I love You , I am here for you … Dorota

Join us for transformation on all levels. – freedom of your mind – purity of your DNA – grounding into New Earth – – deep healing of your heart.

Love frequency with Voice Activations, Deeply Transformational live online session.