Ascension Symptoms ? What is it?
When everything is changing around the globe, inside and out, the same is happening inside and outside of our body , mind and all that we are.
It really is intense almost all the time.

Do you have a body pain ? or headaches? fear?, depression ?
Do you have family problems, financial problems ?
Maybe everything is just not making any sense and you are not sure who you are anymore?

There are Ascension Symptoms and you are not alone feeling like that.
You are in the process of transformation. All is well, even if it feels complity opposite.

Why am I talking about it today? How can I help You with my gift of voice healing vibration ?

I have been transforming myself too, choosing to be free within Divine Love and to be of service to you.
I deeply understand and care knowing what you are going through.

I am observing and seeing how many people are not receiving new  information about what is happening to them and how to work with love and light.
There is so much uncertainty inside the minds.

We are transforming many life times at the same time. Information is touching you from your timelines outside of you and from DNA within you. Everything is returning to Love and to Your pure true Being. Everything that is not your highest truth must be transformed or released.

Your pain and problems are showing you what is happening and just by knowing that you can relax more . By relaxing you are giving ” permission” for transformation.

If you know ,that no matter what, you are Loved, then you are connecting yourself to Love that is your protection, healing vibration and access to better life.

My work with you is to connect you directly to Your HigherSelf and Light of Divine. We are transforming your lower energy, density like pain , problems, etc. by Love vibration, Light energy . I channel energy from Angelic Beings and Masters , from Divine Mother and from my own heart, using also energy of sound of my voice to help you to transform.

Light from Universe is connecting to your Being much stronger now and the Earth is transforming energy that we need to connect to daily.

It is so important to trust and work everyday with loving vibration of Light to ease the ascension symptoms.

You are welcome to have personal session with me or connect every week to group sessions .
More MP3 healing activations are available here in “Product” page

I am sending you so so much Love