Voice Healer – Vibrational Healer- Is it You ?.

Your speaking voice and embodiment of the Light within your body is a tool to transform energy on the planet.
When the heart is opening and lower mind is shifting into the Higher Mind’s wisdom , Love and Light frequencies are able to be channeled through the throat chakra.
Everything is made of vibration. Learning about awareness of It is the most powerful tool to become vibrational alchemist.
Transforming , creating , healing yourself and others beyond the mind.

– Are you very empathic and feel connected to nature with Her sounds, colours, animals?
– Do you like music and feel emotions when listening to sound?
– Do you feel touched by sound of someone’s talking voice ? ( emotions can be “happy” or not ..)
– Do you feel like singing or making sounds when you are happy ?
– Would you sing lullaby to your child or You Inner child ?
– Do you feel that in the silence of your breath you can understand yourself ?

If the answers to some of this questions are Yes .. then maybe you would like to become Voice Healer – Vibrational Healer ?

Every time you speak with love You already are a voice healer.

However.. To work as vibrational healer it takes a commitment to become a channel to Love and Light. Your choice and commitment is made of vibrational frequency that is needed to connect you deeply into your truth. Learning about awareness of sound frequency and voice power.
Your Energy Transformation on many levels is very important.
Universe and your Higher Self is supporting your transformation. You are loved and truly needed.

Do you already work with other people ? : speak , coach, teach or heal ?
Maybe you are nurse or teacher ? Are you Working with children ? ..
Mums and Dads are also wonderful Voice Healers.

Voice Healers – Vibrational healers Program – Level 1 is starting soon .

First lets meet and know each other on the soulful level.

So ..you are welcome to take part in weekly classes with Dorota . book your class here

Dorota’s powerful voice healing and activations will help you to learn about vibration, voice healing method that Dorota has created. During this online classes you are transforming, healing and shifting yourself before you can start your work as a Voice healer.
Dorota’s channeled voice activations are all about Love that is taking you higher connecting you to your pure soul. It is so so loving and will create powerful changes within you.
This time together will help you shift your perception , recognise vibration within you and give you tools how to help yourself and your clients.
You can learn how to use your voice not just singing but by opening throat chakra transmit love and healing through every word you speak.
This classes are not about singing or toning. They are about voice and energy healing using awareness of your sound and understanding vibrational magic that is possible to be activated within you.
Every week you can experience Love vibration being activated and channeled for you by Dorota Rozmus.

You welcome to book your Classes here : Book your class here